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NUMBUZIN Skincare - The Ultimate Solution for Every Skin Worry

NUMBUZIN Skincare - The Ultimate Solution for Every Skin Worry

Navigating the world of skincare can be overwhelming, but NUMBUZIN offers a streamlined approach. Their minimalist packaging ensures you always reach for the right solution for your unique skin needs. Recognized as the 2021 Korea YouTuber’s Award winner for the top skincare brand, it’s a staple in the beauty regimen of many.

At Happy Kaylee, we pride ourselves on featuring only the crème de la crème of Korean skincare products. NUMBUZIN, handpicked and recommended by leading K-beauty influencers, is no exception. Here's a glimpse of what they have to offer:

No.1 Glossy Essence Serum

NUMBUZIN No. 1 Glossy Essence Serum 50ml

A harmonious blend of herbal ingredients and proven skincare wonders, this serum tops the charts. It promises enhanced skin texture and a radiant glow that lasts. Its oriental herbal blend, both luxurious and potent, prepares the skin for the next steps in your skincare routine, amplifying their benefits.

No.3 Skin Softening Serum

NUMBUZIN No. 3 Skin Softening Serum 50ml

Harnessing the revitalizing power of Bifida and Galactomyces, this serum focuses on refining the skin. Customers celebrate its efficiency in reducing blemishes, bumps, and redness in just a week, fortifying the skin barrier over time.

No.3 Super Glowing Essence Toner

NUMBUZIN - No. 3 Super Glowing Essence Toner 200ml

With a concoction of 50 fermented elements and soothing meadowsweet, this toner is a holistic approach to skin health. It’s the answer to skin's plea for brightness, hydration, tightness, and resilience. The user reviews? Lustrous skin with an enviable smoothness.

No.4 Collagen 73% Pudding Serum

NUMBUZIN No. 4 Collagen 73% Pudding Serum 50ml

Dive into the fountain of youth with this collagen-rich wonder! Specifically crafted for aging and sagging skin, No.4 pledges skin firmness and an even complexion. As our collagen levels dip each year after our twenties, this serum works to replenish what time takes away.

No.5 Vitamin Concentrated Serum

NUMBUZIN No.5 Vitamin Concentrated Serum is a potent brightening ampoule. It targets hyperpigmentation and evens out skin tone, thanks to its whitening properties and the inclusion of ingredients like Glutathione and Niacinamide (Vitamin B3). Glutathione offers antioxidant defense against environmental stressors, while Niacinamide ensures skin remains hydrated. Together, they work to enhance skin's radiance and health.

No.6 Deep Sleep Mask Serum

NUMBUZIN No. 6 Deep Sleep Mask Serum 50ml

Imagine the intense hydration of a sheet mask, without the daily hassle. This serum provides that quick moisture surge, alleviating inflammation and redness along the way. It's the epitome of skincare convenience, with results to vouch for.

Embrace NUMBUZIN's cutting-edge skincare range, meticulously designed to cater to every skin concern. Whether you're combatting signs of aging, seeking hydration, or chasing that elusive glow, NUMBUZIN has a numbered solution waiting just for you. Dive into the transformative world of K-beauty today!

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