APAGARD Apa-Kids Toothpaste 60g

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APAGARD Apa-Kids Toothpaste – a specialized Japanese dental product designed exclusively for kids. Formulated with a unique mineralizing agent, nano mHap, this toothpaste offers a range of essential benefits for young smiles: effective cleansing, recalcification for stronger teeth, and stain prevention.

Furthermore, APAGARD Apa-Kids Toothpaste provides added protection for newly erupted permanent teeth, ensuring a healthy foundation for their growing smiles. Its non-foaming, gel-based texture makes it convenient for parents to assist with brushing, simplifying the oral care routine for children.

The toothpaste is thoughtfully crafted without abrasive components, promoting gentle yet thorough dental care. Additionally, it features the delightful taste of ramune, a beloved Japanese soda drink, making brushing a flavorful and enjoyable experience for kids.

Choose APAGARD Apa-Kids Toothpaste to safeguard your child's dental health with a toothpaste that's designed with care, effectiveness, and a touch of delightful flavor.

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How to use

1. Place a small amount (1 - 1.5 cm) on a toothbrush.
2. Brush your teeth and gums gently but meticulously for about 3-5 minutes, ideally after each meal.
3. Rinse lightly and spit out after brushing, so that any residue of nano


May contain additional ingredients. Ingredients can be changed by manufacturer