BARULAB The Clean Vegan Masks 23g - 10 types

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Color: AHA/BHA (Exfoliating)

BARULAB The Clean Vegan Masks – a delightful and compassionate collection of sheet masks designed with love and consideration. Embrace the joy of caring for your skin and the planet, as each mask features a 100% vegan formula, ensuring protection against animal-derived ingredients.

Crafted with 100% plant-based ingredients, these masks provide your skin with gentle and nourishing care. Each sheet mask is pH balanced, guaranteeing optimal skin comfort during use. Let your skin indulge in the goodness of skin-friendly elements carefully chosen for their effectiveness and gentleness.

Experience the versatility of this colorful collection with 10 different types, catering to various skincare needs:

  • AHA/BHA (Exfoliating)
  • Aloe (Soothing)
  • Cica (Repairing)
  • Green Tea (Balancing)
  • Hyaluron (Hydrating)
  • Olive (Moisturizing)
  • Peptide (Anti-Wrinkle)
  • Shea Butter (Nourishing)
  • Tea Tree (Anti-Blemish)
  • Vitamin C (Brightening)

Unleash the power of nature and skincare in harmony with BARULAB The Clean Vegan Masks. Nourish your skin with the goodness it deserves, knowing you're making a compassionate choice for yourself and the environment. Discover the joy of self-care with these thoughtfully curated masks, catering to your unique skincare needs with kindness and care.

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How to use

Apply sheet mask after cleansing and toning. Apply the mask over the face and remove after 20 - 30 mins of application. Gently pat any remaining essence to allow absorption.


May contain additional ingredients. Ingredients can be changed by manufacturer

Color: AHA/BHA (Exfoliating)
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