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ROM&ND Better Than Palette The Secret Garden - 10 Types (Romand)

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Color: #00 Light & Glitter Garden

Rom&nd (Romand) Better Than Palette - The Secret Garden is a versatile eye shadow palette featuring 10 exquisite shades in both matte and glitter finishes. These shades offer a range of five different levels of brightness intensity, allowing for seamless color layering and well-defined eye contouring. The super-fine glitter particles in the palette adhere smoothly to the eyelids, ensuring a stunning and long-lasting look without any fallout. With its wide spectrum of colors, this palette is designed to suit various skin tones, making it the perfect choice for creating a variety of captivating eye makeup looks.

Happy Kaylee, Korean Beauty Cosmetic (K-Beauty), Japanese Beauty Cosmetic. Free Shipping Canada & USA 

How to use

1. Apply and blend the eye shadow using your fingertips.

2. Use a brush to draw an eyeliner or blend the shadows on the outer corners of eyes.

3. Pat on the glitter shades on the lids using your fingertips.


May contain additional ingredients. Ingredients can be changed by manufacturer

Color: #00 Light & Glitter Garden