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HERO COSMERTICS Mighty Patch Invisible+ 24pcs

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HERO COSMETICS Mighty Patch Invisible+


  • Discreet Treatment: Transparent patches blend seamlessly with any skin tone, allowing for undercover blemish treatment.

  • Effective Healing: Hydrocolloid adhesive pulls out impurities from blemishes without causing further irritation.

  • No More Picking: Acts as a barrier to prevent picking and further inflammation.

  • Versatility: Suitable for all skin types, ensuring everyone has a solution for sudden breakouts.

Tackle blemishes anytime, anywhere with these nearly invisible patches. They're your secret weapon against unsightly pimples!

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How to use

1. Clean the blemish. Go through your cleansing routine - cleanser, toner, etc.
2. Apply Mighty Patch. Apply the sticker to the pimple. Wear overnight or at least ~6 hours.
3. Remove Mighty Patch. Remove the sticker once the patch has turned opaque white and see your pimple visible reduced.



May contain additional ingredients. Ingredients can be changed by manufacturer