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Pyunkang Yul Pimple Spot Patch Super Thin 15 pcs

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Pyunkang Yul Pimple Spot Patch Super Thin

Keep breakouts under control and discreet with the Pyunkang Yul Pimple Spot Patch Super Thin. Designed to protect your acne from external pollutants and irritants, these patches are a must-have for those unexpected blemishes.


  • Protective Barrier: The patch acts as a protective shield, keeping the pimple isolated from harmful external factors, including dirt and bacteria, thus preventing further inflammation.

  • Moisture Maintenance: While it locks out contaminants, the patch is carefully designed to maintain the moisture level of the pimple area, ensuring that the skin doesn't dry out and become more irritated.

  • Ultra-Discreet Coverage: With its super-thin design, the patch offers a near-invisible coverage. This ensures that you can go about your day without feeling self-conscious about your breakout.

  • Rapid Recovery: The patch promotes faster healing of the wounded acne area, aiding the skin in its natural recovery process.

  • Scar Minimization: By providing a conducive environment for healing and preventing further irritation, the patch helps in reducing the potential for acne scars.

Bid those sudden and unwelcome blemishes goodbye and speed up recovery without drawing attention to them, thanks to the Pyunkang Yul Pimple Spot Patch Super Thin. Your secret weapon against breakouts, always ready in times of skin emergencies.

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How to use

1. Wash and dry the pimple area.
2. Apply the patch on the pimple or wounded area after removing the patch from the film.


Polyisobutene, Polyurethane-9, Polyisoprene, Cellulose Gum

May contain additional ingredients. Ingredients can be changed by manufacturer