TEAZEN Kombucha (10EA) - 8 types

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Color: Pineapple

TEAZEN Kombucha is loved for its numerous benefits. It contains probiotics that are good for the body without adding any sugar or calories, making it a healthy choice. This drink offers the sweetness and rich juice of tropical fruits like mango and guava, providing a delightful and refreshing taste. Even with all these flavors, it maintains a low-calorie count of just 15 calories per glass, making it suitable for those looking to watch their calorie intake. The sweet and sour taste lingers without any added sugar, ensuring a guilt-free and enjoyable daily routine. TEAZEN Kombucha comes in a convenient tea powder form that easily dissolves in cold water, making it easy to carry and enjoy anytime and anywhere. With its probiotics and delicious taste, it's the perfect drink to start healthy habits and maintain them effortlessly. 

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How to use

Enjoy it with 1 stick + 300ml of water or 1 stick + 200ml of water + 150g of ice.
Kombucha powder bubbles up when it meets with water. If you are drinking it directly from water, take 2–3 sips beforehand to leave some space and avoid overflowing.
* The colder the water, the more sparkling it is.

1. Add 2 sticks of Teazen Kombucha Mango Guava to 50g of water and stir.
2. Add 1 stick, 100g milk, and 150g ice cubes in a blender and blend for 20~30 seconds.


Teazen Kombucha contains live probiotics and 12 kinds of prebiotics.

May contain additional ingredients. Ingredients can be changed by manufacturer

Color: Pineapple